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    Strathallan House strives to be recognised as the foremost provider of care, delivering a service of excellent standards to both the residents and the community of Strathpeffer. The Commitment to excellence is Strathallanunderlined in the Company's Care Policies - which we believe are tantamount to the basic values that underpin quality of life: Privacy, Dignity, Choice, Independence, Rights and Personal Fulfilment. These aspects of life are all necessary for an individual to feel valued regardless of age, and are often taken for granted. At Strathallan House we understand that these values don't come easily, especially when in older age or illness and it is no longer possible to maintain them without assistance, and therefore make it our business to ensure that our residents have more chance than any to achieve this higher quality of life.

    Our carers are highly trained and The Home has a dedication aStrathallannd commitment to progressive training programmes and formal qualifications. The registered Home manager is a qualified nurse and has a strong clinical and training back ground with 26 years of nursing experience. The supporting management structure is also well experienced in running businesses effectively and efficiently, all of which is aimed at making your life with Us as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

    Long term care is provided as standard, with a number of companion rooms available for couples who decide to make the move together.

    Short term or respite care is available in tailored packages for any length of period, from a weekend to several weeks, enabling both the client and the carer to have a well deserved holiday.

    Day care facilities are provided along with a transport service , so people can take a break from their daily routine, take part in activities, meet friends and enjoy their lunch and dinner in new company.

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